Compressor / Pump Filters
& Accessories

Product List

AirCorrect Inc. supplies the following Genuine Equivalent Wear parts:

  • Replacement Parts for Compressors
  • Replacement Parts for Vacuum Pumps
  • Silencers for Vacuum Pumps (Single and Double Thread)
  • Complete Air Filters for Vacuum Pumps
  • Hydraulic Filters
  • Oil Bath Air Filters
  • Oil / Water Separators (and Filter Kits)
  • Inline Filters and Accessories
  • Rebuild Kits including bearings, sleeves, couplings, gaskets, shims, sight glasses
  • Panel Filters
  • Pleated and Non Pleated air filters
  • Carbon Turbine Seals
  • Gaskets (Metallic and Non Metallic)
  • Reciprocating compressor Parts including; piston and rider rings, rod packing, oil wipers, valves, valve repair parts, Valve seat and cover gaskets)

Replacement Parts for Compressors

Air / Oil SeparatorsAir / Oil Separators
Rotary screw and vane compressors inject oil directly in the compression chamber. The lubricant works as a coolant. This oil needs to be removed before entering the compressed air stream. AirCorrect offers air/oil separators to meet you compressed air needs. These include horizontal, vertical, spin on, wrapped, pleated and deep filter styles. parts air/oil separators are available for most makes and models of compressor currently on the market

Air FiltersAir Filters
To reduce the bulk of airborne contamination at its source, AirCorrect offers a full line o compressor intake Air filters. These filters offer the first line of defense against destructive air contaminants. AirCorrect can offer both standard and customized air filters for special applications.

Oil FiltersOil Filters
AirCorrect offers high quality oil filters that are easily interchangeable with the original pare parts. These filters are available in both spin on and cartridge types. parts oil filters range from standard product to heavy duty products, which can work at pressures up to 30 bar.

Maintenance Kits for Compressors
AirCorrect is able to offer spare part kits needed to carry out full maintenance for most brands of compressors. Our high quality allows us to provide products that meet or exceed the OEM specifications

Replacement Parts for Vacuum Pumps

Air-Oil Separators for Vacuum Pumps
Since parts has one of the largest selections of separators for vacuum pumps including, Busch, Rietschle, Becker, Leybold and Boc Edwards, Canadian distributor AirCorrect is able to satisfy our customer requirements. All separators offered by us are made with corrosion resistant materials and are able to perform at high pressures and temperatures.

Air Filters for Vacuum PumpsAir Filters for Vacuum Pumps
parts guarantees the quality of the products that it sells. Our Vacuum pump air filters have a high level of dust retention due to a filter paper-media with a filtration grade of 5 micron. We offer them in polyester, stainless steel and activated carbon.

Oil Filters for Vacuum PumpsOil Filters for Vacuum Pumps
AirCorrect offers Niotech’s high quality oil filters that can be used as a cost effective replacement for the original spare parts.

Maintenance Kits for Vacuum PumpsMaintenance Kits for Vacuum Pumps
AirCorrect can supply full maintenance kits’ for most OEM pumps. Due to the high quality, Niotech products perform as well as original spare parts. We are able to offer these products at very competitive prices. We offer a full range of vanes for most vacuum pump makes and models.


Our silencers are available in a single or double thread and are used for blowing or vacuum applications, in both aspiration and compression.

Complete Air Filters for Vacuum Pumps

Complete Air Filters for Vacuum PumpsNiotech air filter assemblies are able to work in conditions of absolute vacuum. All of our filters are tested in order to guarantee the highest performance. In addition, our new paint treatment ensures that the products remain in "as new" condition over a prolonged period of time.

Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic FiltersNoitech replacement parts offers high quality hydraulic filters. Our extensive cross referencing allows us to easily substitute OEM filters with genuine equivelant parts.

Oil Bath Air Filters

Oil Bath Air FiltersOil bath air filters are used in dusty work environments. Due to their high level of filtration, long life span and a special paint treatment, these filters can be used in all mechanical applications.

Oil-Water Separators

Oil-Water SeparatorsAirCorrect is able to offer Niotech’s high quality oil-water separators and replacement kits; ensuring that condensate collected from the compressed air system is properly treated before being disposed of.

In-line Filters and Accessories

In-line Filters and AccessoriesAs Niotech’s Canadian Distributor, AirCorrect is able to offer a complete product range of in-line filters and accessories needed to maintain compressor reliability and effeciency. The high quality of these products allows easy interchangability with original equipment spare parts.