Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger

Searching for a solution to reduce poor quality air in your working environment? The KeeptheHeat™ Air to Air Heat exchanger is a simple yet extremely effective product that can improve the quality of a buildings air while reducing heating costs.

KeeptheHeat™ Air-to-Air Heat ExchangerThis system is designed for industrial and commercial facilities the require fresh air ventilation in a highly energy efficient and cost effective manner. KeeptheHeat™ provides fresh air ventilation and exhausts any airborne contaminants present inside of these facilities.

Its innovative design provides a highly efficient heat transfer from the contaminated exhaust air to the fresh air being drawn into the facility. The air exchanger works for both heated or cooled facilities and potentially can drastically reduce your heating and air-conditioning costs while reducing internal air pollution with fresh air exchange.

This unit along with reducing heating and cooling costs is also in line with initiatives set forth by municipal, provincial and federal governments to assist industry in becoming more energy efficient and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These incentives include Natural Resources Canada's "ecoEnergy" retrofit incentives. AirCorrect can assist you in your pursuit of these incentives.

References for customer applications are available upon request.

"A Simple Solution to a Serious Problem"